My Worth: A Reflective Journal

Learn from this student as they discuss the impact a reflective journal assignment had on their self-identity and feelings of self-worth.

Reflective Journals Drive Centennial College’s 3Es

Assessing critical thinking takes more than chasing a rubric. Reflective journals require more from both educator and student. It moves beyond show me what you learned this week…into more of a focused exploration.

Made by Students

Discover how this teacher utilizes free online interactive simulations from the PhET website by the University of Colorado.

Designing Personal and Experiential Assignments

Take the tedium out of assignments and marking by implementing more personal and experiential assessments in your class. Explore the benefits of these types of assessments for both yourself and your students!

Teaching at a Distance Etiquette

Explore some rules/norms that will help to maintain respectful behaviour and effective learning in synchronous and asynchronous online classes.

Music as Pedagogy of Kindness

Learn how this educator uses music to nurture a “kind space” in her classroom, encouraging communication and connection in an asynchronous setting.

Deployment of Intelligent Agents

Explore the ways in which Intelligent Agents in the Brightspace LMS (eCentennial) can send automatic communications to students based on their progress in your course!

Always-Up-To-Date Course Map

The Always-Up-To-Date Course Map is a strategy to help our learners navigate through new online learning environments.

Anonymous Start, Stop, and Keep

Get immediate feedback from your students on your classes and lessons. Anonymous Start, Stop and Keep is an asynchronous activity that encourages students to contribute their feedback in a consistent, safe and meaningful way!

7th Inning Stretch to Reduce Online Fatigue

As we use online conference tools such as Zoom to conduct our teaching, we have all experienced online fatigue when we spend too much time sitting and staring at our screen. I have applied a “7th inning stretch” technique to reduce online fatigue.

Spotlight on Learners – Tell Me About Yourself!

I invite learners to complete a brief online survey entitled “Spotlight on Learners –Tell Me About Yourself!” at the beginning of the semester. This small-but-mighty survey acknowledges the humanity behind each online screen.