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Assessment Series (Students)

Do you have a favourite assessment? Share with us!

This semester, we are looking for students to share their favourite assessment (e.g. activities, assignments, tests, projects, etc.). We think your voices and experiences as students are invaluable, and invite you to share with us on this site so we can learn from you! Tell us about the most memorable assessment you had, the most valuable, fun and so on! What made it work? How do you think it could have been improved? What was your key takeaway?

Assessments can be anything related to an evaluation of both HOW and WHAT you are learning. Not all assessments are graded! An assessment can also be a check-in in the middle of class or a survey on the first day of a course.

The goal is to to collect valuable (but brief!) stories, or “pieces,” for The Collection to share with educators within and beyond our Centennial College community. As an open educational resource, teachers from the world will be able to explore, adopt and adapt your contributions.

Because each submission is bite-sized, we want you to focus on one unique assessment experience that stands out to you. Tell us why you remember it, and what (and how) you learned!

We encourage all types of submissions. Choose what you’re most comfortable with (i.e. video, written work, voice recording, infographic, etc.). Submit individually or as a group. Send us multiple submissions!

To learn more about how to submit a piece to our Student Collection on assessments, see below.

Creative Commons License

Centennial College will publish your contribution to The Studio on this website. It will be shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY-NC 4.0) License. This means anyone can use, adapt or remix your content for non-commercial purposes as long as they provide attribution to you.

Written Submissions

Take some time to tell us about your favourite assessment! You can submit this individually, as a group or, if you have a lot to share, submit more than one!

Video/Audio Submissions

Want to jazz up your submission? Use video or audio! Interested? See the guidelines for video and audio submissions.

Other Submissions

Is there another way you’d like to share your idea? We welcome all contributions as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

Need help?

If you have an idea but you’re not sure how to share it, get in touch with us at A COLT faculty member would be happy to help you!