Winter 2021 Call for Submissions

This semester, we’re all about assessments! We invite faculty to participate in our exciting new initiatives to expand The Studio’s collection of tips, tricks and strategies for busy educators around the world. This time around, we are also extending our call to students, by asking them to share what their favourite assessment experiences are. Faculty and students are also welcome to collaborate on their submissions and provide their unique perspectives on a single assessment in one contribution.

Inspired by the post, Music as a Pedagogy of Kindness, we also invite all faculty to share their favourite songs that they mark to! The Studio will compile these collaborative playlists that all educators can tune into while marking.

We are still accepting submissions! Scroll down to learn more.

Submit a Piece to the Collection

The Collection is a resource of bite-sized strategies, or “pieces,” showcasing fresh perspectives and practical teaching tips that just might take your students’ learning to the next level. All pieces in The Collection are created with busy educators in mind. They are meant to be brief teaching tips, strategies and resources that other educators can easily adopt, adapt and implement in their classes to expand their teaching toolboxes.

Click on the links below to learn more about how to submit to The Collection!

Submit a Spotlight Story

The Spotlight recognizes the amazing work, lives and contributions of faculty members at Centennial College by sharing the narratives of their personal and/or professional journeys. Stories in the spotlight can range from the profound impact someone has had on a student or colleague to another person’s journey into the world of teaching.