Challenge #5 – How do I quickly generate the license and attribution for a work that I’ve created?

In Challenge # 3, you learned about CC licenses and how they communicate to others how work can be used.  What if you’ve created something and want to share it with a CC license? How will you easily add your license and your creator information to that work?

An attribution builder is a simple way to do this for almost any kind of artefact.


In Challenge # 3 you were introduced to the Creative Commons license chooser, which helps you select a license and also generate the license code.  This challenge introduces you to an an attribution builder for generating attributions when you know what license you want to use.  The text below was generated using the Open Washington attribution builder : 

“Challenge #5 – How to quickly attribute your work” by Tannis MorganOEP Challenge SeriesBCcampus is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Now that I’ve generated this text,  I can copy and paste it into a footnote of a document, insert it under an image or video, or include it on my powerpoint slides.  

Your Challenge This Week….


  1. Go to the Open Washington attribution builder
  2. Select a license and fill out some of the fields (ideally for a piece of work that you have created and want to share). You will see the attribution being generated as you type at the bottom of the screen.  When you are done you can copy and paste the text into your resource.  Try doing this with a word document or a powerpoint slide on your computer.
  3. Copy and paste your attribution that you created into the comments section of this challenge. 

Video Walkthrough


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