We are so excited to have you join our Open Educational Resources (OER) learning sprint!

This is the landing page for our OER sprint. Here, you’ll find our challenges posted on a weekly basis.

OER Challenges

Challenge #1: How to I find an open textbook to use in my teaching?

In this challenge, you’ll explore how to find an open text to use in your teaching.

Challenge #2: How do I modify a page of an open textbook?

In this challenge, you’ll explore how to edit and customize a page of an open textbook.

Challenge #3: What is a Creative Commons licence and why is it useful?

In this challenge, you’ll learn about creative commons licences and their benefits

Challenge 4: How do I find a Creative Commons licensed image to use in my course materials or presentations?

In this challenge, you will find openly licensed images, photos, and diagrams you can use to supplement or enhance your course material.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Challenge #5 – How do I quickly create an attribution for an OER that I want to use?

In this challenge, you’ll learn about building attribution statements to give credit to the original creator(s) of an OER.


Your facilitators for this sprint are Paula Demacio and Mindy Lee. Both of us are Professors of Teaching and Learning in the Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching (COLT) at Centennial College. For more information about Mindy, Paula and COLT, see the About Us page.