Did you know….?

We love accordion menus! If you’re building an HTML page in an LMS, like eCentennial, an accordion menu is an excellent way to not only organize content, but to introduce that content progressively as they move vertically through the menu. And the best part about the H5P accordion menu is that you don’t have to play around with the HTML coding to make it work. Just embed on your HTML page and go!

Interactive Book is a new content type available in H5P. We recently used this content type to condense information for a week 1 introduction to our course. You can add a single content type (i.e. Image Hotspots) to a single page or multiple ones! There’s a lot of potential to add formative assessment activities throughout this book as well so you can keep on top of where students are at! Definitely an activity worth exploring if you have a lot of content that can be overwhelming for students. Here are some screenshots of our interactive book so you can see what an interactive book looks like (it’s also posted in the Padlet if you want a closer look):

Interactive book cover page
Example of an Image Hotpot activity in interactive book
Screenshot of video and text content added to a hotspot.

Your Challenge This Week….

Now that you’ve tested out at least one new activity, it’s time to explore others! This week, peruse the activities that others have created in our previous two challenges and leave at least one comment on someone else’s activity in the Padlet below (yes, comments are finally turned on!). In your comment, you could:

  • describe how you might use or adapt their activity in your course/discipline;
  • ask them a question;
  • tell them how much you love their idea;
  • provide constructive feedback; or,
  • anything else that strikes your fancy!

The purpose of this activity is to generate discussion, spark ideas, and overall just to see the amazing things that people are doing! Feel free to return to this page all week to continue the conversation with the other sprint participants. 🙂

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