In this challenge, we invite you to create a new activity for a course you’re teaching or a future lesson using an activity that you’ve never tried before!

The idea is to encourage you to think creatively about how other activities can be utilized, share these with your peers and contribute to our Studio resource on sample H5P activities for others to see!

  1. Log in to your H5P account
  2. Select ONE of the following 5 activities to develop OR (if you feel like dedicating a bit more time to this challenge) explore another activity that you have yet to discover! Remember that challenges are supposed to take 10 minutes or less, so try to think of something simple that you already have existing content for.
  3. Ensure that the new activity is “Public
    • Optional: Add a CC Licence to your activity so others know if they can use your work!
    • For a refresher on how to make your activity Public and add a CC Licence, see Challenge #1
  4. Post the link to your activity in the Padlet below.

In a few weeks, we’ll ask you to explore and discuss the new activities that you developed! (i.e. No need to look at or comment on others’ posts this week.)

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