We are so excited to have you join our H5P learning sprint!

This is the landing page for Calling all H5P Users. Here, you’ll find our challenges posted on a weekly basis and links to the various collaborative activities you will be participating in.

Challenge #1: H5P Show and Tell v1.0 & CC Licences 101

In this challenge, you’ll be asked to share an existing H5P activity and delve into the world of Creative Commons Licences.

Challenge #2: Create a New Activity

In this challenge, you’ll be asked to create a new H5P activity using a content type you’ve never used before.

Challenge #3: Create a New Activity v2.0

In this challenge, you’ll be asked to create another H5P activity using a different content type.

Challenge #4: Explore and Discuss

In this challenge, you’ll explore, comment on, and discuss the other activities that people have created in the previous two challenges.

Challenge #5: Adapt

In this challenge, you’ll adapt an activity that someone else shared in a previous challenge.


Your facilitators for this sprint are Paula Demacio and Mindy Lee. Both of us are Professors of Teaching and Learning in the Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching (COLT) at Centennial College. For more information about Mindy, Paula and COLT, see the About Us page.