Spotlight Stories

In the fall semester, we sent a call for personal stories related to our teaching and learning journeys. COLT is currently working on compiling these stories to be presented in The Studio for the winter semester.

Want to contribute a Spotlight Story? We are still accepting submissions!

Winter 2021 Collection: All About Assessments!

The call is here! Our winter 2021 collection features calls directed at both faculty and students. This semester, we’ll be focusing on assessments. We know that people are creating amazing assessments out there and we want to hear from you!

We’d also like to keep expanding our existing collection, so if you have a virtual teaching and learning strategy you’d like to share, please feel free!

Strategies for the Collection

Faculty Call for Submissions (click to read more)

If you have an amazing assessment that you’d like to share, tell the world about it through this new Collection! This can range from small formative assessments to testing practices to experiential learning opportunities.

Have you recently given an assessment a makeover? Show us the before and after, and tell us why you did it in a Collection piece! Go to our Faculty Submission page to learn more.

Student Call for Submissions (click to read more)

A special call for submission for students on their favourite assessments will be made in the Winter semester. Students will be asked to share their favourite assessment and why. We hope that this will not only highlight the great work of our faculty, but also provide our students with an additional avenue to communicate their experiences to faculty and beyond. Go to our Student Submission page to learn more.

Feeling Creative? Collaborate! (click to read more)

We welcome and encourage collaboration and creativity on The Studio! If you want to partner with one of your students to share an amazing assessment from both perspectives, feel free! Go to our Faculty-Student Submission page to learn more.

*New!* Music to Mark by: Faculty-Generated Playlists

White earphones on wood background

For the music lovers out there! A new feature of The Studio will be focused on music. Inspired by the Collection contribution, Music as a Pedagogy of Kindness, we want you to send us the songs that inspire you while marking. Help us build community-generated playlists that takes your marking to the next level!

Learning Sprints

COLT is introducing a series of learning sprints! Each sprint is a series of bite-sized challenges to build your knowledge and skills in a specific area. Each challenge in the series will take you 10 minutes or less to complete! Participants in the sprints will communicate and collaborate through The Studio. Stay tuned for our new learning sprint start dates in fall 2021. Click on the menus below to learn more!

H5P Sprint (click to read more)

Learn how to create different activities using H5P! H5P is a tool that helps you create interactive learning activities in your online courses. This tool is accessible to everyone at Centennial College. Join the H5P sprint to:

  • Explore various activities that can be created with H5P
  • Develop activities with H5P that suit your learners and lesson outcomes
  • Link your H5P activities with Grades in our LMS (eCentennial/Brightspace)
  • And more!
Open Education Resource (OER) Sprint (click to read more)

Are you hearing a lot about open educational resources (OERs) at the college? If you’re interested in learning more about what these are and how you can leverage them in your courses, join us for the OER Sprint! In this sprint, we hope you get a taste for:

  • What open education resources are all about
  • How you can use open educational resources in your classes
  • How to distinguish between Creative Commons licenses
  • And more!