The Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching (COLT) is at the heart of Centennial College’s strategic commitment of “learning through engagement.” Through a comprehensive array of learning and development programming, consultation and institutional capacity-building, our department engages with all employee groups across all college divisions and campuses, as well as externally with teaching and learning divisions and educators in other post-secondary institutions. Our primary aim is to serve our college community as both a model and a hub for rich and transformative growth opportunities that advance our Commitments outlined in Centennial’s Strategic Plan (Book of Commitments, Third Edition), as well as the themes and goals of Centennial’s Academic Plan: Leading through Learning.

As employees of a learning-centred college, each of us is engaged in an ongoing journey of personal and professional learning and growth. Our individual growth happens within the context of networks of peer relationships and supports a ‘social ecosystem.’

Through a variety of teaching and learning opportunities, we forge new connections and deepen and expand knowledge, skills and expertise. Our faculty developers, technology trainers and learning and development specialists have collaborated in creating relevant and timely offerings to fit the many diverse needs and interests of our employee stakeholders, including those tailored especially for faculty, support staff and administrators.

COLT supports transformative learning across Centennial College and beyond. With a range of learning and capacity-building activities, COLT is a model and hub for innovation and creative engagement and supports sustained and reciprocal dialogue and change. This aligns with Centennial’s vision of transforming lives and communities through learning, and its mission of educating students for career success.

The Studio Organizers

Mindy Lee, Paula Demacio and Caroline Nichol work in the Academic Excellence Unit at Centennial College. We are all passionate about new ideas, open education and dogs! 🙂

Through our experience working with other faculty, we recognize that so much amazing work is being done across the College, much of which is unseen to anyone but our students. We wanted to create a space to celebrate this work and for faculty to share their ideas within and beyond Centennial College.

Mindy’s Bestest Buddy in the World: Ella the Dog

Mindy Lee

Mindy has been at Centennial College for over 10 years. She has recently joined COLT as a Professor of Teaching and Learning. Previously, Mindy worked as a Professor of Curriculum Development, supporting other faculty in the development of new programs, courses and in other curricula-related matters. During her time at Centennial, Mindy has taught General Education courses, developed and facilitated workshops across the institution, and been involved in the School College Work Initiative (SCWI). Mindy is also the Program Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TLHE) program.

Outside of work, Mindy fills her time with her toddler, Jamie, and best friend, Ella the dog.

Percy and Nova 🙂

Paula Demacio

Paula has been privileged to be part of the Centennial College community for the past 18 years. She began her Centennial journey with 15 years of teaching in the biotechnology program and is now a Professor of Teaching and Learning in COLT. Paula enjoys collaborating with, and learning from colleagues who are exploring, challenging and experimenting with new approaches to teaching and learning. She is particularly passionate about renewable assessments, open educational resources, and leveraging technology in the teaching and learning process. Outside of teaching, Paula and her husband are the proud parents of two active teenagers, and two high-energy dogs (Percy and Nova).

King (and he knows it!)

Caroline Nichol

Caroline has been with Centennial College for just over 4 years as a Digital Media Designer. She is a member of the Instructional Design and Development team in the Centre for Academic Quality (CAQ), helping faculty develop engaging and inclusive online, hybrid and blended courses. She has developed resources and workshops around harnessing digital technology when building online learning materials. Caroline is passionate about designing all aspects of digital spaces (graphic, media and web design) to ensure that they are visually appealing and functional for all learners. When not working, Caroline spends her time with her family, friends and her rescue dog, his majesty, the King!