Crossword Puzzle – Lecture Assignment

By Nalina Nadarajah

I teach 6th semester Environmental Microbiology course in the Biotechnology program at ABES/SETAS. After we switched to online teaching & learning, my students were getting bored with numerous online quizzes in many of their courses. Just to make it more engaging, I gave them an assignment of a technical crossword puzzle based on one of the lectures. My students’ loved it! One of my students sent me an email to let me know that her brother, who’s in Grade 10, was envious that she was getting fun assignments and not him! I’m planning to keep crossword puzzle as one of the assignments for future classes as well, even though it means grading 300 or more crossword puzzles! 

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About Nalina Nadarajah

Dr. Nalina Nadarajah is a professor in the Dept. of Applied Biological and Environmental Sciences at the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science. She teaches Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Genetics to students in the Biotechnology – Advanced program. Her interests include the use of technology tools to enhance teaching and increase student engagement.