Marketing Your Lesson Plans

By Anita Bhamra and Susan Chandy

How can you stimulate curiosity and increase student engagement online? Market your upcoming lessons and spark tenacity in your student’s desire to become active partners in their learning!

Transcript – Marketing Your Lesson Plans (click to open)

Susan, it’s so great to see you again! It’s amazing to see you too, and it’s been unfortunate that we can’t collaborate and teach the way we used to. But it’s great to come together, be distanced and still share some ideas. Absolutely! It has been amazing collaborating and seeing some results with our student engagement. Absolutely, it really is all about innovating and finding ways to enhance our students’ learning experience in this virtual learning world.

You know, I was thinking, maybe our colleagues may be interested in our idea. What do you think? I think that’s a great idea, and yes, it’s all about supporting each other, which is our common goal. And you know what? Where the perfect place to share this is? No, where? The Studio! Yes! Which is an open educational resource recently created by Paula Demacio and Mindy Lee from our amazing COLT team. Fantastic! Let’s share it!

Welcome, we are Susan Chandy and Anita Bhamra and we are professors and team members within the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. Our idea was “Marketing Your Lesson Plan”. So, Anita, why did we implement this plan? Well, we implemented this plan to stimulate students’ curiosity and build a deeper connection with the students learning, to create a platform enabling them to be active partners in their learning. Absolutely! Oh Anita, tell them about the hook! The hook! The hook! Well, for each of our lessons we created a marketing hook, or message, to inspire excitement about the upcoming learning outcomes.

I think it is working, what do you think? You know, I do! I think we’ve seen increased student engagement to our weekly connects. We’ve piqued their interest ahead of time, so they’re coming wanting to hear more and build a stronger online learning community through other knowledge once they’re with us, through games and other ways of discussion and interaction. You know, as lifelong learners, we should be constantly reflecting and improving. But how do we do this? You know Anita, you are so right! I think we should continue to reflect, to receive and improve. Let’s use our students feedback that we always ask for, the ongoing tools and resources that are being cultivated, to really put them together to increase this idea and build the student experience.

 I think we’ve kind of touched on everything we wanted to share, so maybe we should wrap up, but, oh wait! I forgot….what about sharing some of the tools that we use? The list is so long, but you have a few that you can maybe mention, right? Absolutely! The BOLT course, pixabay, social media such as Instagram – using all these tools and new tools that we’re constantly inspired by every day of our lives [absolutely] to create our message. Absolutely!

So, we hope that you’ve liked this little bite-sized tidbit of our idea of what we have come up with and been trying. We welcome, colleagues, your feedback and the opportunity to connect and build upon our idea, or share and collaborate to find even more ways to make our student experience even more phenomenal while they’re with us.

Thank you so much for watching our video! Bye [Bye] for now.