What is “The Studio”?

The Studio is a new initiative at Centennial College to develop an open educational resource about teaching strategies while also highlighting the great work, efforts and contributions of our faculty.

It features diverse faculty voices and a collection of bite-sized teaching tips, innovative practices, and fresh perspectives that just might take your students’ learning to the next level. The Studio website will evolve over time, and will be driven by contributions from those within and beyond our community at Centennial College. It’s a resource curated by educators for educators!

This fall, the Centennial College community sent a call for virtual teaching and learning strategies and our faculty delivered! Explore all the strategies in the Collection below.

Transcript – Welcome to The Studio (click to open)

Greetings academic colleagues, and a warm welcome to “The Studio” – an open educational resource, a place of dialogue, a place of sharing, community and conversation. And, reflecting that in online digital collaboration spaces, oftentimes there might be some hesitancy to share, to post, to put out those ideas.

So, if there’s one ask I have, it’s to think of those contributions as less of an act of publishing and more an act of speech, part of a rich tapestry of conversation and dialogue that will span across all disciplines, all arenas of practice, and all devoted to the art and the craft of excellence in teaching and learning – teaching and learning innovation in the very best way, in the most fulsome and holistic way possible.

Special thanks to the Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching for creating this immersive, exciting space that will continue to evolve and grow as you and colleagues continue to engage, and as we learn from each other. This past year, we have been on a remarkable learning journey, and so what better way to record that, to document it, to share those ideas, insights, experiences and good, promising or best practices with one another. So, enjoy the exploration, enjoy the conversations, and all the best with teaching and learning excellence!

Winter 2021 Call for Submissions – All About Assessments

This semester, we’re all about assessments! We invite faculty to participate in our exciting new initiatives to expand The Studio’s collection of tips, tricks and strategies for busy educators around the world. This time around, we are also extending our call to students, by asking them to share what their favourite assessment experiences are. Faculty and students are also welcome to collaborate on their submissions and provide their unique perspectives on a single assessment in one contribution.

Inspired by the post, Music as a Pedagogy of Kindness, we also invite all faculty to share their favourite songs that they mark to! The Studio will compile these collaborative playlists that all educators can tune into while marking.

We would love to learn from all of you! If you’re interested in contributing to our assessment series, send your submission to us by April 5, 2021.

Click on the links below to learn more about how to submit to The Studio!

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A resource of bite-sized strategies, or “pieces,” showcasing innovative and practical teaching tips tried and tested by your fellow colleagues! All pieces in The Collection are brief teaching strategies that other busy educators can easily adopt, adapt and implement in their classes to expand their teaching toolboxes.

Coming Soon

The Studio is growing! See what we have planned including new online challenges and the next series in our Collection!